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Stalling TricksKnees - Stalls Using the Knees and Thighs
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Variations in Routines
1. Knee Pit Stall - Start by kicking the bag up in front of you about forehead level. Complete a 180 degree turn so that your back is now facing the bag. Lift your right foot so that your leg is at a 90 degree bend. Catch the bag in the pit of your knee. You may need to bend your support leg as you catch the bag to help prevent it from bouncing off. You then spin 180 degrees to face the circle. As you are spinning, straighten your leg to pass the bag to a partner This is almost like doing a Spinning Round House Kick which means as you start spinning back towards the circle, you need to do a side kick. You will finish the spin with your leg extended, pushing the bag towards another player in the circle. It ends up looking like something out of a Chuck Norris movie. Brian S. submitted this and other tricks and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star.
2. Knee-Forearm-Foot Stall - You stall the footbag off your knee up to your arms which are held together and then pop the footbag with your forearms as soon as the hacky hits them. It comes right off and drops back down to your foot.
3. Booghill - Start off with the hack in a toe stall. Flip it straight up, about knee high. When it gets to your knee, hit it with your knee to go straight up again to about head high. Bend over forward like you are touching your toes and stall it on the back of your neck. Once stalled, roll it off on either side for an outside stall. If you are wondering about the name "Booghill", here's the story. A guy I hack with always uses his knee to set him up and his nickname is "booger". Another guy I kick with always stalls on the back of his neck and his name is Cahill. I combined the two and mastered the move. It's really a cool trick. Adam C. submitted this combo trick and won a free Stalling Star. We really enjoyed hearing why this was named "Booghill".
4. Marching Band - Start with right knee passing the footbag to the other knee. Then pass it back with your left knee to the right and keep doing this back and forth. Four passes constitutes a "Marching Band" and my record is 18 consecutive marching bands (72 passes).
5. Knee Sling-Shot Pass - Start with a toe stall. Flick it up over your shoulder and stick your leg (right/left) back and catch the footbag in the pit of your knee. To finish the trick, kick straight backward. If done correctly the footbag will sling-shot out of your knee into the air, creating a great passing trick. (This trick requires a lot of practice, so don't get too frustrated).
6. The Rubber Knee - This starts out as an almost knee stall. The footbag will land on your knee, rest for a moment, then pop back into the air. It works better, the closer it is to the edge of your knee without going over the edge. From a toe stall or any old kick, get the footbag in the air above your knee with the knee bent all the way in. The next part is all about timing. You can do it right but it still won't work if the timing is not right. When the footbag is close to your knee, you extend your knee rapidly and bring it back quickly which causes the footbag to pop up. You should start extending your knee right before the footbag hits it and both knee movements should be very quick. It looks really cool when done correctly and practicing with a soccer ball makes it really easy.
7. Geometry
Start with a toe stall on either foot. Then, flick it up and hit it with your knee (same leg) and then onto your head for a head stall. Then, roll it down your body onto the opposite knee you just used and hit it with your knee. Then catch the footbag in a toe stall with that same leg.
8. Double Inside Knee Stall
Start off with a toe stall. Now, flick it straight up and make sure it is close to you. Now, while the footbag is in the air, bend your knees and open your legs. Once the footbag reaches the inside of your knees, bring them together and catch it. Pop it out and add whatever combos.
9. Back of the Knee Stall to Jester
Kick the footbag up to head level and let it fall down 6 to 8 inches from the side of your dominent leg. Raise your leg to the side as it falls and catch the footbag in the back of your knee by pinching it between your upper calf and lower hamstring. Now, jump into the air and gently release the footbag (don't push too hard, it will throw th e footbag too far). At the same time have your non-dominent foot swing around and kick the footbag in a Jester. Ryan V. submitted seven very well described tricks of which this is one and he won a free Matrix AND a Stalling Star.
10. Neck to Knee Stall
Kick the footbag above head height to start. Then bend at the waist and watch the footbag fall (your head will be pointed up making a little crevice in your neck for the footbag to land in). Get the footbag over the back of your neck and bend your knees to absorb the shock of the sack landing on your neck. Roll it off your shoulder and kick it with the side of your foot to finish. Note - this trick looks really great if you follow it with a "Back o' the Knee Stall to Jester." (see #9 above)
11. Limbo Stall
This is an easy trick where you start in a toe stall, flick the footbag up and hit it with your knee. from your knee kick it up and do a limbo kinda thing and catch it on your chest. When you get there quickly stand straight up so the footbag pops in the air in front of you. Finally Jester it out. (Be sure not to fall over when doing the limbo!)
12. The Waterfall
Kick the footbag up about a foot above your head. As it comes down, let your head down about six (6) inches with the footbag and stall it on the top of your head. Straighten out again with the footbag still on your head. Gently roll it down onto your right shoulder and stall it there. You might need to hold it between your ear and shoulder for it not to fall off. Let it roll off, gently again, down your front on to your right knee, stalling it as close to the kneecap as possible. From there, let it fall down to your right foot and do a toes stall. The nsimply knock it up to a Jester on your left side. Then keep on kicking 'til the sun comes up. For a Jester see Trick #1, Stlaling Magic.
13. Out the Back Door
Kick the footbag and stall in on your back by bending forward so that your upper body is parallel to the floor and landing it in the middle of your back. Gently, slowly, roll the footbag down your back and catch it behind your knee, sandwiched in-between your lower leg and thigh at the joint. Hold it there tightly until you are ready, then quicklly extend your leg, popping the footbag up into the air. Continue kicking from there!
14. Gilly Stall Combo
First drop the footbag down on the tip of your toe (toe stall). Then you kick it up onto your shoulder and hold it there with your chin (pillow). Then pull down the footbag with your chin to your upper chest (Chinese phone book). After that drop it down and crouch on your feet, catching it with your thighs or knees (Russian). After that stand up as you are holding it with your knees and slowly drop it down your legs putting in o nyour feet. Then bring it down to a toe stall again. Kick it up with your foot doing another pillow, down to a Russian, and then stand up and quickly put your let up into a crossing type position (flamingo). Drop it down to a toe stall and kick it up and just kick it as many times as you can. Andrew G. submitted this trick and won a free Stalling Star.
15. Coast to Coast
Start by placing the footbag on your toe (toe stall). Then pop it up just a little and catch it on an outside stall. Pop up the footbag so that it stalls on your knee. Now, pop this up so it gets to your shoulder. Keep moving the footbag all the way around (toe, outside, knee, shoulder, head, other shoulder, other knee, other outside, and finally the other toe). You can also variate the move by kicking the footbag twice before moving to the next spont instead of stalling.. Zak A. submitted this trick and will receive a free Stalling Star.
16. The Stair Stepper
Ok, you start with the footbag in a toe stall. Then you flick it up to your knee and hit it to a head or hat stall. Then lean your head forward so the footbag falls towards your feet. Then you catch it in a toe stall. This is repeated one more time for it to be the Stair Stepper. See how many time syou can di it. I've gotten it 4 times so far.
17. Sick Combo
Start with an Around the Back start to a toe stall on the right foot. Toss the footbag over to the left side and do a Clipper and spin the right leg back around to an inside stall. Flip the footbag to a knee tap to outside stall. Rainbow the footbag to an opposite outside stall, then toss the footbag into the air and jump to the left foot and Flying Clipper (Jester) the footbag with the right foot to a right leg knee stall. Let the footbag roll to an outside stall on the right foot. Flip the footbag to a heel stall and do a Scooping Clipper. Catch the footbag in a hat and put the hat back on with the footbag inside and walk away. Jacob W. submitted 3 tricks and won a free Stalling Star and a deCinco.
18. Head, Shoulder, Knee, and Toe
Do it just as it sounds...kick up to your head to a head stall...then let it roll down either side to a neck stall (use your ear to keep it there if necessary)...then to a knee stall as close to the knee cap as possible...then give it a little push into the air...then pull a nice toe stall...then put the footbag back into play.
19. Nic-Nac
First practice hitting the footbag with the knee and kicking it with the inside of your foot. Start out by bouncing the footbag on your left or right knee. Then kick it with the inside of that same foot and bounce it to the opposite knee and kick it with the inside of your foot in the same combo.
20. Bump Up
To do this move you need a good stalling footbag like the Stalling Star. During your run, stall the footbag on the top of your foot. Then flick it up and stall it on your thigh. Then after that, flick it up and hit it with your head and catch it on your foot or thigh. Continue to do this for a few times. Remember when life's got you down pick up your footbag and keep go'n.
21. Angel Stall
Start with the footbag in you dominant hand. Toss the bag into the air and then bounce it off your dominant knee and stall the bag on the inside of the same foot. Then toss the bag into the air and put your dominant foot on the ground and swing your other leg around behind your dominant leg. Then stall the bag on the inside of that foot.
22. Acer Power Combo
Hold the footbag in your dominant hand. Toss it up and bounce it off your knee and stall it on your dominant toe. Kick the footbag off your toe and swing your dominant leg all the way around the bag (Around the World) and stall it on the inside of the same foot. Kick it up into an Angel Stall (see Jester). From the Angel Stall kick it up and stall it on your nondominant toe, swing your foot back and stall the bag on the heel of your non-dominant foot. Then kick the bag up behind you and stall it on the heel of our dominant foot. Kick the bag off your heel and stall it on your dominant toe and do a Pendulum. When you do the Pendulum, bend your knee early and the bag should go straight into the air. As the bag is coming down, with your dominant leg you do a toe stall. Flick it up and catch it. Neil Jr. submitted 3 tricks and won a Worlds Stalling Star.
23.Forehead Stall Combo
Begin in any way you choose, such as on a toe delay (stall) for example. Flick the footbag up to the outside of your dominant leg in a good setup position to perform an outside kick that will bring it to above head level in the center of your body. Look up at the footbag and attempt to catch it on your forehead by bending your knees to absorb most of the shock of the impact. This is not a hard stall and looks great. When you're ready, stand up straight and look down, causing the footbag to roll off your forehead and fall down in front of you; a perfect setup for an inside kick with either leg, followed by a knee stall on that same leg. The knee stall is not as easy because the knee isn't as large a surface area as the forehead, but by starting your knee higher and lowering it when the footbag touches it, while bending your support leg, you can cushion and delay the bag. From the knee stall pop the footbag up and let it fall down in front of you and finally toe flick it back up to continue kicking. The toe flick at the end may take some practice and you may or may not have to shimmy back a little bit in order to execute it. Either that or you can augment the toe flick to become a toe stall from the knee stall and then pop it back up into play. Submitted by Mark B. who won a Stalling Star.
24.Christmas Tree
This is done by starting with the footbag in the hand and dropping it down and kicking it up with the right foot up to the right knee. Then, hit it hard with the knee so it makes it up to your head. Hit it with your head back down to your left knee and finally kick it with your left foot. Either return it to the right foot and start over, or try to go backwards through the process.
25.Quit Stalling
While kicking the bag, do a toe stall on either foot. Kick the bag up and stall it on your knee. From there, hit it high and tip your head forward so that it stalls the bag on the back of your neck. Let the footbag roll off one side of your neck and toe stall it on either foot (assume it is the right foot). From there, kick the footbag across your body and stall it on the inside of the same foot (your right one) but have this foot behind your left leg. Flick the bag up and stall it in your hand.
From any trick, stall the bag on either knee with your thigh parallel to the ground and shin hanging down. Then perform a quick downward kick, thrusting with your foot at about a 45 degree angle downward and allow your leg to naturally bounce back into the original knee-stall position. When done correctly, the knee (when returning from the bounce) pops the bag straight up. This can repeated any number of times.
27. Side to Side
Drop your footbag into a toe stall on either toe. Flip your footbag up about knee high off your toe towards your other side. Toe stall the footbag on the toe where the bag is headed towards. Repeat the previous sequence about five times from foot to foot. On the sixth time, flip your footbag off your toe about waist high to the opposite thigh and stall it. Then hit it to the other thigh for another thigh stall. Repeat the first sequence about five times. On the sixth time, flip it about eight inches above your head to a head stall. Pop your footbag off your head into a Flying Clipper. Catch your footbag in your hand on the way down from the Flying Clipper. Practice makes perfect.
28. The Sponge
Start by stalling the footbag on your toe (either one). Kick the bag up to about knee level, swing your leg over the bag and bend your knee. If done right, the footbag will be caught in the bend of your knee.
29. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
You start out with the footbag on your head. Then you bounce it to one of your shoulders (either one is fine). Then you bounce it to the other side of your body to your knee and finally bounce it to the other side of your body to your toe. Then try to repeat these stalls in reverse all the way back to your head.
30. Seven Course Meal
It starts out with a toe stall on your left foot and from there you kick it up over the right side of your head and let the footbag roll down your back. Once the footbag reaches the back of your right heel, kick the footbag back over the right side of your head and toe stall it again on your right foot. From there, kick the footbag up and stall it on your left shoulder (if you are wearing a hat, stall it on the bill of your hat). Then drop the footbag down to your left knee. Last, while the footbag is still on your knee, pop it into the air and catch it in your mouth. To finish the move drop the bag to either foot and resume kicking. You do all of this without the bag touching the ground. This was submitted by Mark who won a Stalling Star.
31. The Russion Dance
This trick came to me when my friends and I were playing footbag at the park. My friend passed it to me and I did not have much control over the bag so I hit it with my knee and then it went to my other one and to this day hitting the bag from one knee to the other repeatedly makes me think of a Russian Dancer. This was submitted by Mark who won a Stalling Star.
32. The Knee Cannon
First do an inside toe stall with either foot. Then, hit the bag onto your left or right shoulder. Now it gets slightly tricky. With the footbag on your shoulder bring your opposite leg behind you and bend at the knee to make a pocket between the bag and your thigh and the back of your calf so that when you lean forward slightly to get the bag on the back of your shoulder you can straighten up SLOWLY and the bag rolls down your back and into the pocket you previously made with your opposite leg. (When you first try this trick it is helpful to bend your leg at the knee moving it back and forth slightly when the footbag is in the pocket to get it positioned so it is centered). Now that the bag is securely behind your knee, turn on your right foot until your back faces the direction in which you want the bag to go. Now, bring this leg forward with the knee still bent and get your knee as close to your stomach/chest as possible. Then literally stomp your foot onto the ground. The force of your straightening leg should send the footbag flying straight behind you at about shin level so that it connects with your target. It should bounce off his/her shins fast enough he/she will not have time to react. OR you can kick the leg holding the footbag directly behind you so that the force of your straightening leg causes the bag to go skyward and you can continue kicking. This trick and a game ("Kill") was submitted by Mike who won a Stalling Star.
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