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Hi there, my name is Stephen Rahey, and I recently ordered from your store the "Freestyle Combo I" special. I'm sure you know this but the package includes a 92p Gladiator, choice of Stalling Star or Super Stalling Star, and a net-worthy 6p Sundance. All three arrived as ordered, but when I opened the envelope I was amazed to find a fourth, unexpected bag, something called a "Sirius". Upon closer inspection of the four hacks I found the Sirius to be a most excellent sand bag! I just wanted to say thank you very much for including that hack, it was indeed a wonderful surprise, and truly made my first online footbag order an indcredible and enjoyable experience. I have since referred your site to all of my kicking friends, whom, after playing around with the four I received have decided to make orders of their own. Anyway, just thought I'd send props your way, and thanks again for helping a footbag fanatic in a city that rarely sees professional bags enjoy the true pleasure of a quality hack. Steve from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Hey there. I just wanted to say thanks for the footbag and its quick delivery. I ordered a Stalling Star and I'm very pleased with it. It stalls like a dream and kicks better than even the crochet bag that I had worked in for over a month! I didn't even have to wrok this one in. If I ever need more footbags in the future, will be my place to shop. By the way, the site you're running is fabulous. I especially appreciate how it advocates the kicking of a footbag in a way other than pure competition. It brings people together, teaches patience, and takes the focus off of any individual involved, placing it rather on a group or circle of kickers. Mark

I printed out the beginner's book and it's helped a lot! I can now out hack my pro cousin! Thanks again...luv ya! Big Fan

Great site. My friends and I hack almost every day at lunch. This site taught us some of the best games we play. Thanks. Adam

Hey, thanks for the great stuff. The bags were better than I expected. The Stalling Star truely is a staller's dream. It stalls much better than the sandmaster I was using. I was really surprised by how fast the bags arrived. It was only a couple of days. I figured you guys hadn't even shipped them out yet. Thanks again and keep on keepin' on. Ryan

I just wanted to say thanks for your service and I hope your business prospers!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Mary

Great job on the site, it's good to see a site that promotes footbag as a non-competitive means of entertainment. Kevin

The Stalling Stars were a hit! Due to Wellington's famous wind, almost everyone was using sandbags (mostly Stalling Stars)...even Ryan M. used Stalling Stars in his finals routine!! Floyd, in regard to NZ Nationals

I received our order yesterday. Thanx for the great service and products. I'm looking forward to breaking the hacks in. Scot

I received my Matrix and Stalling Star yesterday and I am so amazed with the Stalling Star. It is the best thing I have ever seen. It is a jewel. I love it. If the Stalling Star was a female I would marry it. OK OK maybe I am getting a bit carried away here but I tell you it is so fun to kick. I was looking on your website but did not see anything along these lines: Do you have a special where I can buy let's say Two Stalling Stars together and get a deal on them? (Yes we do, click here) I want to have at least one as a back up. Thank you for your website and the great deals you offer. Your web site is wonderful. I am so thankful to have the ability to go there and purchase footbags. Thank you again. Joey

I LOVE the new footbags I ordered from They are the best ones I've kicked ever, especially the sandbag (sic. Stalling Star) it's awesome. Every footbag that I got was awesome. I liked the wristband too, although a bit small for me it still fits and it holds 2 of my footbags. I wanted to thank you for SUPERB shipping time and quality of the footbags and accessories. Thank you very much for eveyrthing!!! Timothy

Thank you sooooo much! I would like to thank you for sending a leather Niagara to me (it was received today). Once again, your site has proved istself better than the rest. I have even told my friends to get their footbags at your store. Thanks again. Dan

A few days ago I was outside kicking when suddenly I lost complete control and it flew out to my right and instead of doing my usual pick my left leg up and do a pendulum swing type of kick, a perfect side kick (a karate style one because I used to do karate) and I got this feeling like I was one with my footbag. I knew when and where it'd be before I got close to it, like Steve wrote in "Footbag Dance". So, I guess I'm trying to say thank you for teaching me because the feeling I got was the best ever. Sitting Duck

I just wanted to let you guys know that I love the website and the footbags you sell are the best I have ever purchased. Keep up the good work. FootbagMaster1

Ray's Crazy Crazy Crew and the bunch of agile bag-kicking maniacs are always on the lookout for magical matrix moments in basic circles... Ray Sauve

I recently got a Stalling Star in the mail. With it came a free gift....such a pleasant surprise. Your site is excellent! My footbag shipped quickly to Canada and I am very satisfied with the two I received...Keep up the good work! Chris Malmo

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I love your site and I appreciate all the time and effort that goes into it. Keep up the great work! Ross Margelefsky

Dear Footbag Company, Thank you for your help. I am relieved to hear that it was a shipping error. It was a pleasure talking with you, and I will be pleased to do business with your company again. W. Ben Kolozsi

I got my hacksack (footbag) yesterday and I was a little sceptical because I had only been using seapas but the Matrix kicks a**. Thanks. Joe Grant

Dude, footbag is the best sport. It keeps me in shape and it's a great workout as well as a great pass-time. Me and allmy friends play all the time...most of us learned the rules and how to play from "Footbag Dance" and we all bought the's an awesome footbag. Sam

My name is Richard...I am a sculpture student from Austria. I started playing foobag (dance) two years ago...after various sports I found what I was looking for.. injuries, expensive courses and competition frightened me away (sic. from the other sports). ...for the final show in this year of my the title... instructions too mentioning your site as I recognized everything in this page I regard as important to this game. Your site encouraged me to promote the game. Richard

I'd just like to say that footbag is the most awesome game on the planet. Mate, I don't know what the world would be like without it!!!! ALL the way from New Zealand (if you were wondering, we aren't part of Australia) Andy P

You know there are not many people in the world as nice as you to go out of your way for another person. I just wanted to say thank you for how nice of a person you seemed to me and my family. I always tell my friends about you and how you are an insane footbag dancer (Danceman). Everybody seems interested about you. Thank you again, and keep footbagging. "Sniper"

I am really impressed by how fast you responded to my email...thank you very much! I will definitely recommend you to others...thanks a lot! Nate

I like your website, it made me wanna be like that old guy, I am 86 and still kicking! Thanks!!!! anonymous

Dear Steve, It has been a very long time since we spoke or saw each other. Hope you are doing well. ....your web site is very nice including your products...from the very beginning I was always an advocate of cooperative play instead of competition...I commend you on the substance and direction you have so wisely taken in promoting the game we both so dearly love. I truly respect you for that. With no ego intended I hope we can work together to bring a fresh view of footbag in all it's together to bring the SPIRIT of FOOTBAG and what Mike, yourself and many other people have always wished to see to LIFE. Respecfully, John Stalberger

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