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Stalling TricksAround the World - Circle the footbag with a foot while bag is in motion.
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Variations in Routines
1. Really Good Description of Around the World - Stall the sack on either toe (toe stall). Pop the sack up and towards you a little bit (it's easier when the sack is a little closer to you). While the sack is in the air, swing your leg all the way around the sack (it's easier to swing your leg around it in a clockwise motion). You can finish it by either stalling it again on your toe (if you's kinda hard unless you have really baggy pants which I love to use) or you can just pelt it straight up back to yourself or to another player. Matt C. submitted this trick and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star.
2. The Remix (Mirage) - Start by utilizing the toe stall maneuver. Then with your foot toss the footbag up about knee high, then circle the footbag with your foot from the inside out, (like the mirage) but instead of toe stalling it (mirage), inside stall it
3. Alternate Foot Magic - Start with a left foot toe stall. From there, flip it up and stall it with your right foot on the inside. Then flip it back to the left and stall on the outside. Then flip the sack over to the right side, bringing your right leg over the sack and stall it with your left foot without putting it back on the floor. Then flip it and resume playing to complete the combo.
4. Hack Master's Sequence - First drop the footbag with your hand to a toe stall. Then toss the footbag up with your foot into another toe stall on the opposite foot. Do this for about five times. After the 5th time do an inside stall, then a toe stall. Then do an outside stall and go back to the toe stall. Then go to an inside stall and back to a toe stall. Once in a toe stall toss the footbag knee high and then circle the footbag with your foot and then toe flick it. After that keep kicking. Do all of this without the footbag touching the ground. Mary Ann submitted this trick and will receive a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star footbag as a prize.
5. Impossible Jester - First stall the sack on your toe. It could be either foot. Pop the sack up in front of you so its at about eye level. As the sack comes down, jump in the air and with one fluid motion, swing your leg over the sack. Then bring your other leg up and Jester the sack. This looks awesome.
6. Stepping ATW Clipper - You drop the footbag into a normal clipper. Plant your clipper leg quickly. From there you do a clipper in front of your standing leg. After that you do a clipper from there and you circle the footbag (perform an Around the World) with the clipper leg. Catch the footbag with the inside of your foot like a pickup and toss the footbag in the air waist high. Plant the clipper leg quickly and perform a clipper behind your stalling leg and catch the footbag in your hand! Practice Makes Players
7. Heel Stall - Start with a toe stall. Then kick it up and move your leg around the footbag clockwise. Then go back under the footbag with your toe down on the ground and your heel up, stalling it on your heel.
8. Around the Web
Start with a toe stall. Do the toe stall on your dominent foot (the one with better control). To do a toe stall you throw the footbag up and bring your foot down with it, cushioning it so it stays in place on the top part of your foot. Now pop the footbag up about one foot above your foot. Then bend your ankle outward so there is a flat surface on the outside on your shoe and cushion the footbag so it stalls on the outside of your foot. After you stall the footbag on the outside of your foot, pop it up again one foot above your foot only this time point your toe down so your foot is vertical from the ground. Turn your foot a little and bend your non-dominent leg (the leg you are balancing on) so that the footbag stalls on your heel. The bending motion will automatically make a cusioning motion so the footbag should just set itself on your heel. Now, move yourself to a cross body position so that the leg with the footbag on the heel is behind your other leg. (A cross body position is when your dominent foot is behind the non-dominent in a crossed position.) When you bring the heel stall into the cross body position, it requires nothing more than just moving your leg over so it looks like a Clipper stall on your heel. Then pop the footbag up waist high and do a Jester, throwing your non-dominent leg over the footbag and instead of kicking it in the cross position, stall it instead with your dominent foot by letting the footbag follow you down to stall it on the inside of your dominent foot in a cross body position. Then point your toe and bend your knee to create a flat surface on the inside of your foot so it's easier to stall. Or here is another way of describing what you do after the heel stall: When you are in the cross body position with the footbag still stalled on your heel, pop it up a little above your waist, then jump up and take your non-dominent leg and swing it over the footbag when you land. Land in the cross body position with your leg bent and your toe pointed. By pointing your toe and bending your knee you should create a perfect flat surface for your footbag to land on. When it gets stalled for three seconds, then pop the footbag up and continue to kick it up with your friends. Nikko submitted this trick and won a Stalling Star.
9. World Clipper
All you do is stall it on the right inside of your foot behind your left leg (Clipper stall). Flip it back up into the air and go around it with your right foot counterclockwise (Around the World). Then either stall it or kick it back up to yourself and keep kicking.
10. Flipped Combination
This is not as hard as it seems. First, start off with the footbag stalled on your dominant toe. Flip the footbag up about waist high and go around it with your foot (Around the World). Before your foot touches the footbag, twist your foot so it lands in an inside stall. Then, flip it off the inside stall and do a Clipper Stall (this is where you take your dominant foot and put it behind your back and stall it on the inside of that foot). Quickly toss the footbag straight up off the Clipper Stall and do a Super Jester straight up with your non-dominant foot. Then as it's coming down Super Jester the footbag again with your dominant foot, straight up. (The two "Super Jesters" put together is called a "Gauntlet"). Finally finish it all up with a neck stall (as the footbag is coming down, bend your head forward and catch it on your neck). Aaron D. submitted this combo and won a free Stalling Star.
11. Illusion
From a toe or a Clipper delay, set the footbag straight up about waist high. As you plant your set leg, bring your other leg over the bag from out to in. Like in a reverse Mirage motion, you then plant the dexterity leg and catch the bag on the toe of the setting foot.
12. Six Pack Combo
Start out by kicking the footbag a few times up in front of you and kick it up to your stomach. Now, pinch it between your ribs and your belly button. Let it roll to your dominant foot and kick it up into a shoulder stall. Let it drop to your toe and do a toe stall. Finally kick it up and pull off an Around the World. Around the World is done by stalling it on your toe and popping it up and spinning your lower leg around the footbag to start kicking again.
13. Acer Power Combo
Hold the footbag in your dominant hand. Toss it up and bounce it off your knee and stall it on your dominant toe. Kick the footbag off your toe and swing your dominant leg all the way around the bag (Around the World) and stall it on the inside of the same foot. Kick it up into an Angel Stall (see Jester). From the Angel Stall kick it up and stall it on your nondominant toe, swing your foot back and stall the bag on the heel of your non-dominant foot. Then kick the bag up behind you and stall it on the heel of our dominant foot. Kick the bag off your heel and stall it on your dominant toe and do a Pendulum. When you do the Pendulum, bend your knee early and the bag should go straight into the air. As the bag is coming down, with your dominant leg you do a toe stall. Flick it up and catch it. Neil Jr. submitted 3 tricks and won a Worlds Stalling Star.
14. Body Roll
Do a toe stall. Then kick it up at about waist level. Take your left over it to a Clipper stall. Kick it back up at about waist level to do an Around the World in mid-air to a right toe stall. Kick it back up towards your body and let it land on your chest. Let it roll down until it ends up at waist level. Then raise your leg so it can roll on top of the knee then drop it to a normal toe stall or kick.
15. The Blur
Begin with a clipper stall on the right foot. Pop the bag up about chest height. While jumping, perform an Around the World with the right foot and then toe stall with the left foot.
16. Jestall
To perform this trick, do a knee stall for about 3 seconds. Flip the footbag onto your foot from the knee to do a toe stall. Next do the Jester but we tweaked it up so instead of kicking the footbag with your other foot, perform an Around the World. Then kick the footbag with the other foot and send it to another kicker.
17. Twelve Point
Start off by tossing the footbag about waist level and kick it with an inside kick, using your right foot. After you kick it, take your left foot around the footbag and kick it behind you using your right foot (Clipper). After you Clipper it, take your right foot over it into another Clipper. After you Clipper kick it with the inside of your left foot, do a right outside kick to a left outside kick. When it comes to about waist level, Clipper kick it using the heel of your left foot. After you Clipper it with your heel, kick it doing a mid-air Clipper stall using the inside of yoru right foot. Then, just pass it to someone else in the circle or just begin with a new trick.
18. Body Stall
Begin this trick with a toe stall. Flick the footbag straight up above your head and stall it on your forehead. From here you need to look forward while leaning backwards so that the footbag will roll down and land on your chest. Next, crouch down into a squat position with your thighs pressed together. The footbag should roll down your stomach and land in this crevice that is created with the crouch. Now you have to gain your balance and pop your thighs up staying on your right foot. The left leg should squeeze just over the footbag before you land on that foot to then bring your right leg underneath and stall the footbag in a right footed Clipper stall (this is also known as a crouching butterfly). Finally, it is my personal preference to end by setting the Clipper stall up and back over toward the right leg where you can then circle the footbag from out to in and stall it on your right toe. People will be impressed! This was submitted by Chris M. who won a Stalling Star.
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