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Variations in Routines
1. Double Rainbow - Kick with a friend and then line up shoulder to shoulder and one kicker kicks the footbag with the outside of his/her foot kicking it over his/her AND the other kicker's heads. When the receiving kicker stalls the footbag on his/her outside foot he/she returns it in the same fasion (over both heads). Then you both go back to kicking to each other.
2. Bermuda Triangle Stall - First off this trick is not so easy to do without someone else. I suggest that you use this trick when playing in a circle with other footbag players. To start the trick you need someone to kick the footbag to your chest so you can lean back and body roll it (body roll is rolling the footbag down the front of your body). When you body roll it, make sure it goes to your thigh (either one). Then what you do is use the opposite leg (the one without the footbag on its thigh) to stop the footbag from rolling any further, and you are stopping the footbag with your ankle of that foot. So, what you should have now is the footbag on your ankle which is pressed against your opposite thigh. Sometimes you can't get it to stall on your ankle, so I try to pinch it against my thigh with my ankle and have another person from the circle get ready to kick the footbag as I release it from the hold I have it in. The reason this trick is called the Bermuda Triangle Stall is because when my friends and I started playing footbag we would kick the footbag to a person and the person would try to kick it with the inside of his/her foot. Well, sometimes he/she would miss and the footbag would go through the triangle he/she made with their inside foot pressed against their other leg. So one day my friend shouted Bermuda Triangle! At first I thought he was crazy but, if you look at yourself in that position, you do make a triangle with your legs.
3. Lap and Cap - The footbag is kicked up and lands on player number one's lap (a Russian). Player number one then stands up and kicks the footbag to kicker number two who stalls it in his or her lap. Then kicker number two stands up and lets the footbag slide down to his/her feet where he/she catches it between their feet. Then kicker number two flicks up the footbag by jumping and pulling apart his/her feet which flicks the footbag up to his/her cap and it is caughte there. See how many times you can do this series of moves between you both taking turns being kicker number two.
4. Grandfather Clock - This move involves 2 people facing each other about 10 feet apart. It starts when the first person does a Pendulum passing the footbag to the opposite person. Then the opposite person proceeds to do a Pendulum in one constant motion ending by passing it back. You go back and forth 5 times, then you delay the footbag and go on to your next trick. The key to the Pendulum is smooth acceleration while keeping your leg straight as long as physically possible. This move will take a little while to accomplish good passes off the end of the Pendulum move but once you get it, it will make your friends' mouths drop.
5. Two Person Transfer
Person number one starts out with the footbag and passes it to person number two. This pass should have a good deal of arc as person number two may need some time to prepare. As the footbag descends, person number two lifts his/her foot up as if to kick it with the inside of his/her foot but he/she then grabs his/her foot in his/her hands and pulls it so that the sole of his/her shoe is facing up. In my experience it has not been necessary for person number two to sink their foot with the footbag as it descends as the sole of the shoe is exceptionally flat compared to the rest of the shoe and so it the footbag is well broken in and the shoe properly lined up, the footbag should land and stall on the sole of the person number two's shoe. Person number one should quickly step in close to person number two and then person number two will quickly withdraw his/her foot. This withdrawing of the foot works best if done downwards and then to the side because the goal is to have the footbag fall more or less straight down. While person number two does this, person number one prepares to toe stall the footbag as it drops. After having successfully transferred, person number two should move back thus restoring the gap between the two players.
6. Mind the Gap
This requires two people standing across from each other, face to face. The first person (#1) drps the footbag down to his/her right foot and kicks it across diagonally to what would be his/her partner's (#2) right foot. #2 then kicks it straight across to #1's left foot. #1 then kicks it diagonally to #2's left foot and #2 kicks it staright #1's right foot. This may sound difficult - and it's not that easy. Then repeat the pattern again.
7. Double Headache
You need a partner for this trick. You have your partner stand about seven feet away from you. You start out with a toe stall. Then kick up your foot so the bag goes in the air to a head stall. Then you tilt your head down and forward so the bag rolls down to another toe stall but on the opposite foot. Then you kick it to your partner and he/she stalls it on his/her foot and then kicks it in the air to a head stall. Then he/she tilts his/her head down so it comes down and he/she stalls it on the opposite foot. Then you keep on doing it back and forth, over and over.
8. Figure Eight
Stall the footbag on your dominant foot. Then curl the foot up a little and swing your leg back and bend forward a little (Pendulum). Bend your knee and uncurl your foot in one smooth motion - you should be bent over and have your foot at the lower part of your back when you finish releasing the footbag into the air. Once you practice that and are able to make the sack fly over your head to another person playing, do it again and have the other person stall it and they immediately do the same thing back to you. If you can even get it over your head, I salute you, because me and this other guy I kick with are the only people I know that can do it. Good luck and keep up the Figure Eight.
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