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Stalling TricksTurns - Changing the direction you face while kicking including full spins.
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Variations in Routines
1. The Swoop Stall - First you start out with a regular toe stall. Next, flick the footbag up to about just under waist high. When the footbag reaches the peak of its height, throw the same foot you used to toe stall with over the top of the footbag, turning your body 90 degrees and leaving the falling footbag coming down next to your side. As the footbag is quickly falling, turn your body another 90 degrees very fast so your back is to the footbag. After the turns, quickly take the same leg that you toe stalled with and went over the footbag with and swoop it behind you to catch the footbag in a "Jester". Flick the footbag up and over your head and continue kicking in the new direction.
2. Spin the Funky - Start off with a toe stall on the left foot and pop it up. Inside kick it with the right foot to an outside kick straight up in the air. Do a full spin to the left and inside kick it again with the right foot. Then connect with it to do a rainbow (with an ouside right kick) over to an outside left kick. Pop it back over to an inside stall with the right foot. Pop it up for a right footed Clipper (that's where you jump up and put your kicking leg under your jumping leg and inside kick it - AKA Jester) to another player. Voila!
3. Knee Pit Stall - Start by kicking the bag up in front of you about forehead level. Complete a 180 degree turn so that your back is now facing the bag. Lift your right foot so that your leg is at a 90 degree bend. Catch the bag in the pit of your knee. You may need to bend your support leg as you catch the bag to help prevent it from bouncing off. You then spin 180 degrees to face the circle. As you are spinning, straighten your leg to pass the bag to a partner This is almost like doing a Spinning Round House Kick which means as you start spinning back towards the circle, you need to do a side kick. You will finish the spin with your leg extended, pushing the bag towards another player in the circle. It ends up looking like something out of a Chuck Norris movie. Brian S. submitted this and other tricks and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star.
4. Side Spin - Throw the hack up and stall on the inside of your foot (either one). Then wrap your lifted foot around the planted one, flicking the hack up in front of you. Slowly turn and bounce the hack off the outside of your foot, sending it straight up above your head. While the hack is on its way up, spin in a complete circle stalling the hack on either toe.
5. Madman - Start with a "Vertical Chicken Scratch" (scrape the bottom of your foot towards yourself and across the top of a grounded footbag, forcing it onto your toe which rapidly pops it staright up) using your right foot. Next, "Toe Stall" the footbag with your left foot. From here, pass the footbag back to your right foot and do an "Inside Ground Stall" (catch the bag with the inside of your foot just as it touches the ground). With your stalling, right, foot still flat on the ground, use your left leg to step over your right one. Now you have to toss the bag up and turn your body 90 degrees to the right so you can quickly do a "Left Footed Backstab". Finally, turn your body 90 degrees back to the left, and stall the footbag on the outside of your right foot. SUGGESTION: speed is the key when performing the "Backstab". Chris M. submitted this combo trick and will receive a free Stalling Star as a prize.
6. Spinning Rainbow Jester Stall - With the footbag still on the ground, stand to the left of it with your feet about 2 inches apart. Then, using whichever foot you feel comfortable using, sideways "Chicken Scratch" (a "Chicken Scratch" is where you take your foot and quickly drag the tip of your toe towards yourself and over the top of the footbag on the ground, then quickly toe flick it up causing it to rise straight up in front of you) the footbag over your right foot (don't do the toe flick just yet, cause you will mess up the trick). Once the footbag has gone over your right foot (assuming that's your dominant foot) bring your left foot straight up causing the footbag to go in front of you. Then toe stall the footbag with your opposite foot, toe flicking it up into a toe stall on your dominant foot. Then toe flick it up once more but this time as the footbag is falling, jump over it and catch the footbag in an inside foot stall BEHIND you. You then pop it up and over your shoulder while turning 90 degrees. When it hits about waist height you inside stall the footbag again with the foot you are catching it with, BEHIND your other leg (so looking like you are doing a "Jester" but not actually jumping -- a "Jester" is where you hit the footbag up then jumping up with one foot, you bring the foot you left on the ground straight up and under you as if you are trying to sit cross legged in the air while having the other leg straight forward with a slight bend in the knee). You then pop it straight up, spin a full 360 degrees, and do another inside foot stall in the "Jester" position. Do this about three times but on the 4th time instead of just catching it in an inside foot stall, let it get almost all the way to the ground and then do the inside foot stall (I like to call this the Jester Stall). Pop it over to your opposite side and Jester stall it again on that side. Then once more pop it straight up into a revert Jester (this is where you wrap your leg around the footbag from the inside out, BUT IT HAS TO BE USING YOUR NON-DOMINANT FOOT TO HIT THE FOOTBAG) and finally finish the combo by "Zombieing" the footbag to yourself and then continuing kicking it or pass it off. (A "Zombie" is where the footbag falls and hits the ground in front of you but you INSTANTLY "Chicken Scratch" it straight up to yourself --- by instantly I mean within about 1/2 second after it hits the ground). Mike B. submitted this combo trick and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star.
7. Twisting Flying J - First start with the footbag in a toe stall, toss it up high enough so that you can jump and catch the footbag on the inside of your right foot. Then whip your right leg around the back of your left leg all before you land so that the footbag goes straight up. When you land, rotate 180 degrees and stall the footbag on the inside of the right foot but inverted. Then kick it up and complete the spin and stall it once again to finish the move.
8. Twister - Start this trick with a hand spring pass (see starts) facing a wall so it will bounce back towards you. Get back to your feet and rotate 180 degrees and catch the footbag on the back of your neck. Next, jump up into the air causing the footbag to pop off your back. Rotate another 180 degrees and catch the footbag on your neck again (you may repeat this spinning part as many times as you wish). Next jump up into the air again, but this time rotate and drop to the ground to catch it in a lap stall (a "Russian"). Now, raise and tilt your body so that the footbag will roll up your chest and stall it underneath your chin. Lastly, stand upright and drop it into a Jester (either side) and continue kicking. Mike T. submitted this combo trick and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star.
9. The King of Tigers
First you toss the footbag in the air. Then you do a foot stall. Then you flip it up and stall it on your head and then you flip it off your head by rolling it off the back of your neck and catch it on the heel of your foot. Then you pop it up lightly in the air and hit it with the other foot so it goes over your shoulder. Then kick it with the same foot and then you flip it to your right foot and pop it up high and spin twice. Then you end in a spin kick.
10. The Joystick
This move is where you land the footbag into a normal toe stall and keep it perfectly still while you hop on your other foot 360 degrees and hold it steady. Then you pass it to another player.
11. The Extreme Jester
Start by continuously kicking the footbag in the air, getting progressively higher each time. When it reaches about 10 feet, kick it one last time, sending it straight up into the air. When it comes down to eye level, bend over and catch the footbag on your back. Then, spin while jumping so that the footbag is falling in front of you and you land facing towards the circle. Follow it up with a Jester that is aimed at a particular person. (This trick was shown to me by one of my friends and it looks incredibly awesome).
12. Tiltless Rage
Begin this by either simply tossing the bag up or setting it up from a toe delay (stall) and drop it into a clipper stall. A clipper stall is an inside stall in the cross-body position which means that your stalling foot is around behind your support leg and you catch the bag on an inside delay. Bend the support leg and cushion the bag by lowering the stalling surface to meet the bag. This stall takes a lot of practice. Delay the footbag like that and then flick it back up in front of you to a Pendulum with the same foot. (See Pendulum menu for explanation). This means that after the clipper stall, you'll have to bring the stalling foot back around your support leg and catch it for the Pendulum. As you finish the Pendulum, the bag will be coming up over your head, then turn either 90 degrees to the left or to the right and perform a rake. Basically a rake is when you are following the falling footbag with your foot on the side of your body and then scooping it towards the front of you before it hits the ground. At the end of the scoop you release the footbag straight up in front of you by stopping your leg. You can continue kicking from here as it is directly in front of you - a good setup for any continuation. Basics (& 4 combos) submitted by Mark B. who won a Stalling Star.
13. Mad Stall
Stall on the outside of your right foot. Then pop it up over to your left foot and kick the bag up. Then do a 360 degree turn and stall it with your right foot. Do the movesagain twice.
14. The Irish Linedance
Begin with an inside kick and kick it from your right foot to about two feet away from your left at knee height. Then jump sideways and kick the footbag while clicking your heels - your right foot should be extended more than the left, so this way you will kick the bag over your head as though to do a Rainbow but while it is in the air spin 180 degrees so you are facing the opposite direction you were before. Then the bag should come down about a foot away from you left side again where you kick it with your left foot over your head in a Rainbow but while it is in the air again spin 180 degrees. Then repeat the trick from the beginning again. You will be doing half rainbows. This and four other tricks submitted by Terry L. who won a Stalling Star.
15. Flying Jester Flip Stall
First throw your bag in the air and kick it with the opposite foot from the one you usually use and kick it high enough to do a spin. Then cross your foot and stall the bag in a Jester position on your left foot.
16. The Whirlybird
First, start out with the footbag in your hand. After that, start spinning either clockwise or counter clockwise whichever is more comfortable for you. Next, put your foot out in front of you and make sure it is off the ground. Then drop the footbag onto your foot much like a toe stall, while continuing to rotate. Do a rotation or two (and make sure to be careful not to get too dizzy and fall over). Then after you stop rotating you can flip the footbag up and catch it, or go on kicking!
17. Break Dance
Start with your dominent leg crossed over the other leg with the footbag on the dominent one. First pop it up and do a 360 degree spin. Catch it on the dominent foot again, no cross over necessary. Pop it up again and do a squat-thrust (a squat-thrust is when you crouch into a squat position and then get into a push-up position). Try to gently catch it on the back of your neck. Quickly jump up, again launching the footbag into the air. Catch it now in a Jester, spin 360 degrees (without it falling). At the end of the spin pop it SLIGHTLY to waist height, and HOP over it. I feel it is needed that to gain momentum on the hop at the end -- I spin too while jumping. Catch it in an outside stall and you are done.
18. The AMP
Start with a Vertical Chicken Scratch (scrape the bottom of your foot towards yourself and across the top of a grunded footbag, forcing it onto your toe which rapidly pops it straight up). Pop it up and duck underneath the footbag, making it go into a back stall. Lean forward and make it stall on the back of your neck. Turn around and pop it up to a fellow kicker.
19. The Knee Cannon
First do an inside toe stall with either foot. Then, hit the bag onto your left or right shoulder. Now it gets slightly tricky. With the footbag on your shoulder bring your opposite leg behind you and bend at the knee to make a pocket between the bag and your thigh and the back of your calf so that when you lean forward slightly to get the bag on the back of your shoulder you can straighten up SLOWLY and the bag rolls down your back and into the pocket you previously made with your opposite leg. (When you first try this trick it is helpful to bend your leg at the knee moving it back and forth slightly when the footbag is in the pocket to get it positioned so it is centered). Now that the bag is securely behind your knee, turn on your right foot until your back faces the direction in which you want the bag to go. Now, bring this leg forward with the knee still bent and get your knee as close to your stomach/chest as possible. Then literally stomp your foot onto the ground. The force of your straightening leg should send the footbag flying straight behind you at about shin level so that it connects with your target. It should bounce off his/her shins fast enough he/she will not have time to react. OR you can kick the leg holding the footbag directly behind you so that the force of your straightening leg causes the bag to go skyward and you can continue kicking. This trick and a game ("Kill") was submitted by Mike who won a Stalling Star.
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