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Stalling TricksMiscellaneous - Moves that don't fit in the other categories.
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Variations in Routines
1. Grandfather Clock - Kick the footbag on the inside of your foot to the outside of your foot, where you kick it to the inside of your foot again and this all happens without your foot touching the ground.
2. Dragon - You do an inside foot stall and then bring the footbag behind you. Then you pop it up and catch it in an outside foot stall with the same foot still behind your back. Then bring it around.
3. Outside Foot Stall - Kick the footbag with the inside of your foot to the outside of your foot (either leg). Then, instead of kicking it with the outside of your foot, you instead gently lower your foot and catch the footbag on the outside of your foot in a stall.
4. Side Spin - Throw the hack up and stall on the inside of your foot (either one). Then wrap your lifted foot around the planted one, flicking the hack up in front of you. Slowly turn and bounce the hack off the outside of your foot, sending it straight up above your head. While the hack is on its way up, spin in a complete circle stalling the hack on either toe.
5. Skippity Hop Hop - You kick the footbag a good ways into the air and a little away from you. You then chase a little after it and run and jump into a kick to send it flying once more. While it is on a descent, you stab with your foot out (right or left, it makes no difference) and stall it on the outside of said foot. When satisfied with the stall, pop it up and kick it towards another person using the top of your foot. It helps to do this trick if you are flexible. A. D. submitted this combo trick and won a free Stalling Star.
6. Lounge Stall - Start kicking the footbag normally, then kick it about eye level. Then cross one leg over so that the calf is touching the knee, stalling the footbag in-between your thighs. Make sure that you close your legs tight enough so that the footbag will not slip out and that your stabilizing leg is bent at the knee a little for balance. Then release the footbag, passing it in mid-air with your stabilizing foot. Then land on the foot you released the footbag with.
7. Hack-Sack-Back-Stack - Have four footbags positioned: 1 in a toe stall position, 1 in a mouth stall, and one in the crook of each elbow. Simultaneously pop both elbows, flick the footbag off your toe, and flick the footbag in your mouth all onto your back. This trick is nearly impossible so don't get mad if you are unable to do it. I've tried it millions of times and only done it completely correct twice! This trick can be turned into a game of who can catch the most footbags on their back in a predetermined amount of tries chosen by the circle.
8. Sole Stall Combo - To start off, perform a toe stall. Then, flip the footbag up into an outside stall. From the outside stall, toss the footbag and stall it on the sole of your shoe. From here you can toss the footbag and quickly drop your foot to return to a toe stall.
9. Horizontal Pendulum - Start this trick with an outside stall then bend your knee to bring your foot closer. Then whip your leg around so that the footbag pops over one of your shoulders. You have to be pretty flexible to make this one work well and it works on the same principle as the pendulum.
10. Side Slash
You begin by just kicking the footbag on the inside of either foot but on the next kick you put your other foot (that wasn't used) behind the one you used and kick it with the bottom of your shoe. Then kick it again with the outside of your foot and once again with the bottom of your shoe.
11. Taxi
First drop the footbag to an inside stall, then transfer it to a toe stall. Then transfer it to an outside stall. Then transfer it to a suicide. A Suicide is a stall on the bottom of your foot.
12. Ninety Degree Toe Stall
You can start off with any stall and flick it up out in front of you. Catch it on the top like a toe stall but with your foot turned 90 degrees. Jonathan M. submitted four tricks and won a free Stalling Star.
13. In and Out
Start with the inside of your foot, an inside foot stall. Toss the footbag in the air with the inside foot. Then, catch the footbag with the outside of your other foot. Then toss the footbag from the outside of that foot back to the inside of your other foot...and repeat!!
14. The Fakie
To do this move, start by kicking the footbag to about your height. When it reaches its peak, kick out your leg, like you are going to kick the footbag with an ouside kick, but quickly bring your leg back in and kick the footbag back up with an inside kick. Finish it up with a Flying Clipper for an added touch.
15. The Eclipse
First, bring your right foot up as if you were about to do a right inside stall. The moment the footbag touches your foot, hop off of your left foot, keeping your right foot up with the footbag stalled on it. Jump over your right foot. The second before your left foot touches the ground, flip up your right foot and release the footbag. All you have to do now is to keep kicking or catch it (if you really want to). Small tip: Keep your right foot low as you hop over it, this helps a lot.
16. SwitchBlade
Kick around a couple times normally...then set yourself up to where you kick it almost straight up and it's up in the air, take your left or right leg and put it across your other leg so that your calf is resting on top of your knee. Try to make the footbag land in the pocket you have made with your pant legs. After that, stall it there for however long you need to, then in one swift motion, drop your left leg while at the same moment bringing up the other foot to hit the footbag with the side of your shoe.
17. Jig
For this trick simply hit the footbag with the inside of your foot and then the inside of the other foot. Do this many times and keep the footbag low. If you keep it low there should be very little time between kicks and it looks like a little jig/dance when you do it many times consecutively.
18. Runner
Hit the footbag with the back of your foot (heel) and then the other heel. do this many times. This one is kinda like the jig, just on your heels. If you keep it sort of low so that your can do them consecutively, you look like you are running in place. You can also kick it with the bottoms of your feet if that is easier for you. Scott B submitted 3 tricks and won a Stalling Star.
19. The Hungry Alligator
First of all you need to throw the footbag to yourself while playing in a group, getting it to come to you. You can kick it in any way but it is important that you bring the footbag up to your elbow and stall it there and make it roll down your forearm and onto your other elbow. Using the other foot, kick it again as it falls off the elbow. This trick is very hard but it is possible to do it.
20. Disapearer
To do this you need to be wearing a sweatshirt with a pocket on the front of it. You start by dropping the footbag down to a toe stall. Then you flick it up to yourself and start kicking. Then while you are kicking , you grab the opening of the sweatshirt pocket and get the footbag to land in it. As soon as it goes in, you need to grab the top of the pocket and pull up really fast and the footbag will come out into the air and you can continue to kick or stall it any way you want to.
21. Hard Three Combo Stall
Toe stall to an outside stall to a sole of the foot stall with the same foot.
22. Conveyer Belt (and Candy Factory)
Start with the footbag in your hand and toss it to your dominant side. Outside kick it towards the center of your body, then inside kick it straight up and when it falls, inside kick it with the other foot on the other side of your body and when it falls again kick it with the inside of that foot. You can end in a Rainbow for a "Candy Factory" or just keep on kicking for the "Conveyer Belt".
23. Valley Drop
Catch the bag between your legs. The only way to get out of it is to let the bag drop by opening your legs a little and then catch it again inbetween your feet. Then either jump and let it go behind or in front of you and continue kicking.
24. Inside Cloud Kick
Like an Outside Kick but use your calf instead of your foot.
25. Outside Cloud Kick
Like an Outside Kick but use your calf.
26. Figure Eight
Do an inside stall on your left foot. Bring it around behind your right leg and kick it up catching it in an inside stall on your right foot. Bring that behind your left leg and kick it up cathcing it on your left foot. You can keep this going for awhile.
27. Dolphin
First get the footbag to go up as straight as you can in front of you. Then jump up with both feet together while keeping the legs straight. Both your legs should swing forward slightly and there should be some bending at the hips. Depending on how the bag is positioned, both your feet will hit it or only one of them will but, if you make sure not to bend sideways at all, this will not be a big deal and the footbag will probably go back stright up.
28. Frog
Kick the footbag straight up. Then jump up with both feet together and bend your knees up and outward while the bag hits one or both of your feet. Your feet will probably turn so that the soles are together and this insides are facing up. The bag should end up hitting the inside(s) of the foot.
29. Greater Acceleration
From any combination of tricks, pop the bag up and stall it behind you on the back side of your heel. From there, pop it straight up a few inches and swing the same foot above the bag just as it reaches its peak. From there, guide the bag curving dowarward and forward with an ice cream scoop motion all the while keeping the bag in the same position as a toe stall. Once the bag is in front of you, pop it straight up.
30. Heeltap-Toetap
When going for a low toetap, if you use a little extra force as you strike your heel on the pavement at the same time your toe connects with the bag, you can send it flying! When your heel connects, try to have your foot implanted firmly at a 30 to 45 degree angle or it will fly at you or go nowhere. It takes lots of practice and perfect timing to control this move.
31. Topside Switchstall - As you bring down a topside foot stall with your foot on the ground, tilt the foot in slightly and slowly but steadily bring the foot to meet the other foot. As the feet touch each other the bag will roll onto the other foot! You must be very gentle with this move or the bag will roll over the other foot. Also, try twisting the foot a little in the opposite direction before impact for a more controlled roll.
32. Vice Pinch - When someone kicks the footbag to you coming close to your midsection on your dominant side, quickly lifet your domiant leg while you lean forward, pinching the bag close to where you leg meets the hip. Now, crouch over and using the support of both legs hold the bag there. Then, with a quick, upward motion, raise your body back to the normal upright position while raising your dominant leg as you rise up and the bag will roll up your leg and straight up off your knee. Then go back into normal paly. Here is an illustration: Vice Pinch moves
Colin R. submitted this trick and the drawing and won a free Stalling Star.
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