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Stalling TricksPendulum - The footbag is stalled on the toe and the foot bent upwards and then the leg is swung quickly and smoothly back keeping the leg straight until it won't go any further at which time the knee is quickly bent flipping the footbag off the toe which should cause it to travel over the head to the front of the body again.
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Variations in Routines
1. Further description and tips - You want to start out with a toe stall but keep your leg pretty straight when you do it. Then, swing your leg straight back so its fully extended behind you. Finally, bend your ankle a little to release the sack. The sack should fly forward, over your back. This is a good way to pass the sack onto another person. This should all be done with one fluid motion otherwise it won't work right and you'll end up shooting the sack out behind you. Your leg acts like a PENDULUM, and as you swing your leg, the cetrifical force should keep the sack on your foot until you want to release it. I've found that if you follow the sack with your eyes all the way back, it helps to maintain the stall. Stretch the front of your leg first and practice getting your leg as far and high behind you as possible.
2. Tail Flip - First you stall the footbag on the top of your foot near your toes. Then you bend your ankle forward where your toes are higher up than your heel and keep that position while you slowly swing your leg backwards then faster until your leg is making a horizontal line. Then you let the footbag fly off your foot and over your head. It will fall down in front of you and you catch it in a foot stall or neck stall to complete the trick.
3. Five Point Seat Belt - Start with a right inside kick and make it go over your right shoulder to a right Back Stab kicking it back over your head to a left inside kick that goes back over your left shoulder to a left Back Stab kick. Make that kick gets the footbag to your right foot and then do a full rainbow. A rainbow is when you use a right (or left) outside kick and make it go over your head to do a left (or right) outside kick, making it go back over your head to another right (or left) outside kick, and so on. Then finally do a pendulum and then keep playing. A Pendulum is where you stall the footbag on your toe and swing that leg behind you and flick the footbag over your head in front of you Nick W. submitted this combo trick and won a free Worlds Logo Stalling Star AND a FireFly footbag.
4. The Pendulum's Promise
To start the trick, drop the footbag on either your left or right foot in a toe stall. Then pop it up to about knee level and aim it so that it goes behind you and stall it on the back of your heel with your shin parallel to the ground. Then flick the footbag up over your shoulder and when it is falling down in front of you, bust out a pendulum and return it to the circle. For a bigger challenge, when you pop it off the toe stall, make it go up and over your shoulder instead of knee level. Good balance helps on this trick because your left/right foot is off the ground the whole time. Billy submitted this combo and won a free Stalling Star.
5. Half Pendulum Stall
This trick begins as a Pendulum. Do everything you would normally do but stop about halfway through and let the footbag fly up straight behind you. Then, when it comes down, stall it on your heel or bottom of your foot (still behind you).
Do a Pendulum (where you do a toe stall but swing the foot behind you and back up again) and when you release the footbag, jump and pull your support leg over the footbag and kick it with the foot you were stalling on.
7. Acer Power Combo
Hold the footbag in your dominant hand. Toss it up and bounce it off your knee and stall it on your dominant toe. Kick the footbag off your toe and swing your dominant leg all the way around the bag (Around the World) and stall it on the inside of the same foot. Kick it up into an Angel Stall (see Jester). From the Angel Stall kick it up and stall it on your nondominant toe, swing your foot back and stall the bag on the heel of your non-dominant foot. Then kick the bag up behind you and stall it on the heel of our dominant foot. Kick the bag off your heel and stall it on your dominant toe and do a Pendulum. When you do the Pendulum, bend your knee early and the bag should go straight into the air. As the bag is coming down, with your dominant leg you do a toe stall. Flick it up and catch it. Neil Jr. submitted 3 tricks and won a Worlds Stalling Star.
8. Tiltless Rage
Begin this by either simply tossing the bag up or setting it up from a toe delay (stall) and drop it into a clipper stall. A clipper stall is an inside stall in the cross-body position which means that your stalling foot is around behind your support leg and you catch the bag on an inside delay. Bend the support leg and cushion the bag by lowering the stalling surface to meet the bag. This stall takes a lot of practice. Delay the footbag like that and then flick it back up in front of you to a Pendulum with the same foot. (See Pendulum menu for explanation). This means that after the clipper stall, you'll have to bring the stalling foot back around your support leg and catch it for the Pendulum. As you finish the Pendulum, the bag will be coming up over your head, then turn either 90 degrees to the left or to the right and perform a rake. Basically a rake is when you are following the falling footbag with your foot on the side of your body and then scooping it towards the front of you before it hits the ground. At the end of the scoop you release the footbag straight up in front of you by stopping your leg. You can continue kicking from here as it is directly in front of you - a good setup for any continuation. Basics (& 4 combos) submitted by Mark B. who won a Stalling Star.
9. James' Backyard Scoop
From a toe stall swiftly but steadily thrust your leg back to perform a Pendulum. The bag should pop off your foot and elevate a few inches and continue moving behind you. While the bag is in the air (approximately 6 inches behind you) catch it with an inside foot stall (in the Jester position) and then flick it up and capture it again on the inside of the same foot . Then bend the other knee and move your foot behind the bent knee while the bag is still stalled then flick it up and capture it again on the inside of the same foot and repeat the Wrap Around (#55 in Jester). It looks quite impressive when done repeatedly - it looks like you are juggling it around your leg.
10. Matrix Half-Pendulum
If you are playing with skilled players or just in a larger circle, you'd probably be engaged in a relatively fast-paced game. This is a cool move to slow things down in case people are getting too jumpy with the bag is usually a helpful. In order to perform this move you would start as if doing a full Pendulum. Lift your leg straight out in front of you and lower it as the bag comes down on it in order to cushion the bag and stall it, but continue to let your foot swing down and backwards. In order to secure the bag you can bend your foot up (point your toes up) creating a tight pocket for the bag on the top of your foot. Slowly bring your leg down and then out behind you and lean over your planted foot for stability and balance as you stretch your leg out backwards. Keep the bag on your foot (which is why it's only half of a Pendulum) which should be parallel to the ground at this point if you bent your toes upward earlier. Then swing your leg forward again and flick the footbag back up into play. The further from your body you first stall the bag, the slower you do the move and the farther back you take the bag both make for a cool bullet-time effect that can give people a chance to calm down and get ready. Submitted by Mark B. who won a Stalling Star.
11.Sunny Side Up
With your right foot held out in front of you, stall the bag on top of your foot swinging it underneath and behind you like a pendulum. Once your right foot behind you is at the top of its swing (bag still above your toes), swing it back down toward the left side of your left foot. As your right foot meets your left foot, roll the sack onto your left foot and lift your left foot up. When performed correctly, this trick is one fluid movement.
12. Tsunami Death Combo
Start off performing a Rainbow then pop it up and stall it on the outside of your left foot. Kick it up into the air and Jester it to yourself catching it in a nose stall and let it drop to an inside foot stall. From there you begin to spin on your support foot, using the momentum to keep the footbag pinned against your foot. Spin as fast and smooth as you can to keep it there. Spin seven times. Then, if you are not too dizzy, pop it up and perform the Pendulum to serve it to the next person.
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